Food Emergency Shakes Heroes

Critical mission to feed the animals by Harmony Fund

Right now, we can prevent hunger internationally for both homeless animals and shelter animals amidst a food crisis that is sweeping the globe. Major price increases for both pet food and fuel have ignited a wildfire of worry that has spread across the world for the heroes who devote their lives to animal rescue.

You Won’t Believe How Much Pet Food Prices Rose Over the Last 6 Months:

Bosnia 68% ⤴

Serbia 30% ⤴

Romania 30% ⤴

Greece 27% ⤴

Rescuer and her rescued dogs

“Most of our rescue partners are frightened that the animals they care for could go hungry,” Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson explains citing that there has also been a substantial downturn in donations since April. “It’s one thing when you’re buying a single bag of food for a single pet. But imagine when you have several hundred animals to feed. I do not believe in spreading fear, and instead, I want all of us to focus on our incredible, collective power to feed the animals. I have faith in our supporters and that’s why I’m turning to you for help.”

Many rescue dogs being fed

It’s not just animals in shelters, but also homeless animals who are feeling the impact of world financial distress. Rescuers who drive to feed animals in remote areas are struggling to afford fuel to reach them each day. Some have cut back significantly on how often they feed animals because they can’t fill their cars with fuel to reach them. We find that Bosnia is among the hardest hit countries right now.

Rescue dogs in the pool and rescuer feeding street dog and puppies

Marijana Pejic feeds hungry animals in a landfill and on the street, in addition to running her own shelter in Bosnia. She has set up makeshift dog houses and feeding stations for the dogs. She tells us she has been driving to feed those animals less often in recent weeks because she can’t afford the fuel.

“Fuel prices have jumped a lot and I no longer have the opportunity to visit dogs at the landfill every second day,” Marijana said in a heart wrenching message.

Rescuer feeding street cats

Thanks to many of you who make monthly donations and one Harmony Fund supporter named Jan who has taken a special interest in helping the animals in this community, we were able to send funds to Marijana to continue feeding these homeless dogs, to provide them with spay/neuter operations and to even apply flea/tick preventative medicines to make them more comfortable. While it is impossible to shelter all the dogs and cats here and in other parts of the world where homelessness for animals is so massive, we take every measure we can to improve their health and safety.

How You Can Help:

We are asking for donations to help us provide food to underdog animal rescue squads internationally. The need is higher than we’ve ever witnessed before. Your donations will immediately be put to use to buy food for both shelter animals and homeless animals waiting to be rescued.

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