Romanian Shelter Thanks You for Food

Ioana Leca and her rescue dog
Ioana Leca and her rescue dog

We wish to thank our Facebook fans who have pulled together to help purchase food for animals at one large shelter in Romania this week.

Ioana Leca has been running the LAC Farm Rescue in Romania for the past 8 years. The shelter is in a pastoral area, with few neighbors, and currently houses 700 dogs who were abandoned on the street. Shelter staff here are so devoted to the dogs. Someone is always on site, even during the middle of the night. And while the kennels are modest, the dogs receive complete veterinary care, regular meals, companionship and basic shelter in the form of dog houses until they can be placed up for adoption internationally.

Romanian rescue puppies

Ioana’s family have a small transport company and are often hired by rescue groups in the United Kingdom who need help transporting their Romanian rescue dogs. Once the animals are offloaded from the vans and trucks, the receiving rescue groups in the UK typically fill the empty vehicles with lots and lots of pet food that they have collected through donations. This assures that the shelter animals in Romania stay well fed during their shelter time. However, a recent ban on dogs coming into the UK has put an abrupt stop to the transport business and all donations of pet food are suddenly missing.

Romanian rescue cat and dogs

“Until recently, we could provide for ourselves well enough to pay for the shelter expenses, workers, food, veterinary care and improvements of living conditions,” Ioana said explaining how her family business had been paying for the costs of the rescue program for many years. “Now, with the ban, there is no transport so there is no income for us to be able to care for our animals which is tragic and very, very scary.”

Upon hearing the news that Harmony Fund would be sending financial support to buy food in July, Ioana was elated and wanted to express her thankfulness.

Ioana Leca and her rescue dog

The Harmony Fund team have been supporting our shelter since the war started and they are beyond amazing. The kindness you show is heartwarming! I am feeling a lot of love from you very special friends of the dogs.

Our emails are full of happiness. They only come out 1 or 2 times a months!