Critical mission to feed the animals

Food Emergency Shakes Heroes

Right now, we can prevent hunger internationally for both homeless animals and shelter animals amidst a food crisis that is sweeping the … Read more

Edina Pasic

Saviors of Sarajevo Seek a Miracle

Edina Pasic runs the Andejo Sarajevo association which is her platform for saving injured animals in the street, abandoned animals in the … Read more

Expose: Secret Burial Grounds

Harmony Fund has been assisting animal rescuer and junior attorney Dalida Kozlic who is investigating the illegal hunting and killing of dogs. … Read more

Naida Kaltak, Bosnian rescuer

Our True Valentine, Naida Kaltak

Naida Kaltak is an angel with bruised and frostbit wings. Every single day, she’s called to one or more remote Bosnian villages … Read more