River Rescue in Bosnia

Watch as a dog in a river in Bosnia is saved by our heroic and dedicated teammate Caki Bravo.

Amazing Pony Rescue

After being locked inside a barn for more than two years, this pony was confiscated by our rescuers and brought to the safety of the beautiful Fundatia Sky sanctuary in Romania.  This rescue is part of a large mission we’ve undertaken here for many, many animals living in captive neglect. We are so grateful to see this beautiful pony enjoying his new life.  Enjoy this special video.

Tons of Food for Hungry Animals in Romania

Those of you who have walked with us on this journey for the past 11 years know that Harmony Fund is a small charity doing BIG things. We throw our arms around underdog animal rescue squads all over the planet, creating circles of care to deliver food, shelter and veterinary care to thousands of animals each month. We recently brought food in for all the dogs, cats and horses at the beautiful Fundatia Sky rescue center in Romania…and it was magical!

Feeding Animals During the Pandemic

We’re taking you along with us on our international relief mission to feed animals in need. This pandemic presents the biggest animal welfare challenge our rescuers have ever faced. Our charity sponsors underdog animal rescue squads all over the planet, and what we need most of all right now are donations for food.

Superhero Pets

Superhero Pets is a creation of the Harmony Fund. It’s designed to enable pets to become heroes as they share their blessings with other animals who are in deep need of help in the form of rescue, food, shelter, veterinary care and protection-from-cruelty. Make your pets a Superhero today!

Hundreds of Rescued Dogs SURPRISED With Balls!

Before they came this free-running dog shelter in Serbia, each of these dogs walked through fire. They fended for themselves on the streets and many of them arrived with broken bones and timid hearts. But HEALING takes place here.

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