Application for Funding

Harmony Fund is proud to sponsor the animal welfare work of dozens of rescue teams and volunteers around the world every year. While we are not able to respond to the needs of everyone who turns to us for support, we do our very best to help as many animals as possible each and every day.

Harmony Fund’s Application Process:

 Not Accepting Applications at This Time

Please understand that Harmony Fund is a lean charity with just a handful of staff members. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to send a personal reply to each applicant. Please be assured that every application will be reviewed and added to our extensive database of worthy rescue teams needing our assistance. No rescue group is forgotten. If, for some reason, your work does not fit with Harmony Fund’s mission, we will let you know.

You Must Meet The Following Criteria to Apply:

  • Annual budget of no greater than $120,000
  • Project/ charity must be at least 18 months old
  • Because our aid is intended to help in the most impoverished communities where there are no other resources, we are not accepting applications for animal welfare work taking place in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Japan.

Our Process:

The Harmony Fund supports a variety of animal welfare projects and species. We offer aid to both individuals and organizations doing rescue work and help groups in many different countries. Generally Harmony Fund determines which groups we’ll be supporting 6 – 12 months in advance and maintains a waiting list of others we hope to assist as funds become available.

Don’t Give Up:

Please don’t give up hope. We understand that by the time so many of you turn to us for help, you are feeling exhausted and desperate. We feel a kinship with each and every one of you, saving and improving the lives of animals every day. We only wish we had the capacity to deliver aid to all of you.

Please review our “Tips for Fundraising” page for ideas on other ways to promote and find support for your work.

Funding Application Form

Due to an overwhelming influx of applications for funding, we’re closing our application process temporarily. In case of a true EMERGENCY situation, please email

Our emails are full of happiness. They only come out 1 or 2 times a months!