Expose: Secret Burial Grounds

Dalida Kozlic and her rescue dogs

Harmony Fund has been assisting animal rescuer and junior attorney Dalida Kozlic who is investigating the illegal hunting and killing of dogs. On the basis of eye-witness testimony, we hired and excavator to dig the alleged dump site and did indeed find the remains of several dogs on the property which is near a coal mine. Widespread killing has apparently been planned and though we’ve chosen not to share the details of the cruelty involved, we’ve learned why this is happening.


“The coal mine company is owned by the state,” Dalida explains. “They are the biggest property owner in the area. The headquarters and coal mines are like a town inside a town, because 1,200 people work there. Many miners feed dogs and the management doesn’t want dogs at the property.”

Dalida Kozlic taking care of her rescue dogs

“The investigation is progressing and some hunters have already been questioned,” she continues. “I received threats. One of influential hunters has threatened that the remaining dogs will be killed in front of my family home. They perfectly know that they can’t scare me, and that I am one of the toughest persons in the area, but this is their way of dealing things.”

Dalida Kozlic taking care of her rescue dogs

Dalida has been threatened before and even shot at years ago. It takes great courage to stand up against cruelty in Bosnia, and since her father passed away earlier this year, she and her mother feel even more vulnerable as they pursue prosecution. The hunters association in her area is comprised of many powerful politicians and business leaders. They are powerful men who don’t like scrutiny. We will continue to stand by Dalida in whatever ways possible and seek justice while supporting her shelter to the greatest extent possible each month.

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