Saviors of Sarajevo Seek a Miracle

Edina Pasic

Edina Pasic runs the Andejo Sarajevo association which is her platform for saving injured animals in the street, abandoned animals in the wilderness and vulnerable animals in the pounds. Her association is accruing serious debt in excess of $10,000. Though Harmony Fund sends as much aid as we can each month, we are trying to find a way to significantly increase that aid.

Edina Pasic's rescue dogs and cats

“So many dogs from public shelters beg for help,” Edina said. “I want to save more animals but the debt is so huge and reaches back to April. For many, many years I have been fighting to help many sick and abandoned dogs and cats. I help those who were left by their owners once they got old or sick. I am leading a huge fight and it’s not easy to live every day with all this stress. Sadly, I still don’t have my own land and every animal I rescue needs to go to a private accommodation. I need to pay for them monthly. I urgently must raise funds for 97 dogs and 122 cats, plus huge food debt for homeless animals. I am very afraid because of this situation.”

Edina Pasic and her rescued dog
Edina Pasic feed street cats
Edina is pleasing for help to provide food and to sterilize this large colony of cats who were deposited on the street a few weeks ago. TO HELP EDINA’S RESCUE WORK, PLEASE DONATE HERE

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