Winter Finally Folds Its Wings, See the Street Dogs You Kept Alive

You can feel it in your bones, that jolt of electricity the instant a hungry animal realizes that you are going to give them food. For the street animals who are often chased and stoned, for the ones who battle winter alone, the sight of a hero kneeling down to provide a meal is truly extraordinary.

As winter finally folds its wings, we’d like to take a look back at our fleet of heroes who walked the cold streets all season on a singular mission to bring meals to the animals who would otherwise be hungry. The rescuers’ hands became your hands, stinging in the cold, but determined not to quit until all the animals were fed.

Winter street dogs and puppies

Harmony Fund Was Born to Serve the Underdog

Each month we not only feed animals in rescue centers internationally but animals who live on the street. We also sponsor veterinary care, spay/neuter projects and help struggling rescue centers with simple things like keeping the power on or fixing a broken fence.

Snapshots of Recent Street Feeding

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