Homeless Romanian With Cancer Asks, “Please Save My Little Dog”

Rescued dog, Ivy and Mandache
Ivy & Mandache

“This is Ivy,” our Romanian rescue coordinator Debbie Evans said introducing a little dog resting on a cardboard bed lined with pine branches. “She was cared for on the street by an elderly homeless lady named Mandache who asked our rescuer to save her little dog. Mandache is ill with cancer and had to enter a clinic to begin treatments.”

“Mandache could only have 3 days in hospital because she has no insurance,” Debbie explained on Saturday. “She is living on the edge of the forest, behind a hotel. There she has five dogs that are gathered around her now because she is the only one who feeds them. We brought her some dry and wet food for the dogs, de-flead them all and provided some blankets, towels and clothing for Mandache. She is limited as when she leaves her nest, her things are always stolen. There is a barn there, where she is sheltering, but we worry so much for her as it seems so unfair that such a beautiful heart has to live like this. She once owned land, but it was stolen by the city hall when they ‘acquired’ much land in the centre of town to expand this provence.”

We are currently working on a plan to help Mandache further and to find homes for the dogs. This would bring her such peace of mind so she can focus on her own healing. Meanwhile Ivy is the first of the dogs to leave the street and already has a home lined up.

Ivy after grooming laying on the green grass.

“We promised to help Ivy and find her a wonderful home,” Debbie explained. “We also helped Mandache to pay for some much needed medicines.”

Ivy was driven back to Germany in a van volunteers had used to deliver a shipment of dog food and other supplies. She was the perfect passenger on that road trip and Ivy is now pampered and sporting a short hair cut temporarily.

“Her fur was too matted to save, but she is a diamond,” Debbie explains. “She’s loving, friendly and playful! She has a forever home offer and will soon be loved forever.”

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