You Gave Them Hope Shelter Workers Get Surgery to Walk Again

Earlier this year we wrote to you about two shelter workers from the Ukraine who were deliberately run down by a car as they made their way to work. Both were severely injured, needing extensive medical care.

Thanks to your incredible outpouring of support, both are getting the care they need and will have the necessary surgeries to restore their mobility.

These photos were taken a little while back, when both Oksana and Roman were driven to the shelter to visit the animals. It was a wonderful day that helped lift their spirits and give them a feeling of normalcy.

“We cannot thank you enough for this second chance at life you give us,” Oksana said in a letter to Harmony Fund supporters. “Thank you so much!”

“We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for your generous donations that helped us after a terrible accident left us injured and unable to walk and work,” Roman said. “Because of you, I have medical care and a place to stay while I get stronger.”

“Oksana will have her operation in late May,” shelter founder Tamara Tarnawska said enjoying fairer weather at the shelter last week. “Oksana feels significantly better. But Roman’s state is bad. He moves on crutches and his legs are very swollen and aching. Basically, he lies and waits for the operation in late August as the surgeons have decided it is best to wait. Both Oskana and Roman are very grateful to you for the chance to undergo treatment and return to normal life.”

There is great economic hardship in this region. People live extremely modestly and the animal shelter does its best, with the most meager of resources, to provide food, housing and veterinary care for several hundred cats and dogs. These shelter workers had no safety net in their own country with soaring violence and poverty. But thanks to all of you, the rescuers now have hope and the animals have food and care each day.

Rescue dogs in Ukraine
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