Please Help Feed Dogs – Donate to Our December Food Drive

Our December Food Drive is the only way to keep thousands of dogs and cats alive next month. Today we want to show you just one of the small rescue centers who are counting on us for aid.

“It is a really hard period for us at moment,” said rescuer Arijana Arijovic who lives at the shelter in a very tiny house with primitive conditions. “We don’t have electricity so we are on a generator with petrol to have some power. It is not looking fantastic, but we are still working, step by step. The good thing is that the dogs are free 24 hours a day and have food, water and doghouses. We are building more houses for them and trying to buy woods for heat. And we need more food.”

To Make a Donation for the Animals:

Please donate today! Thank you for helping and sharing. Harmony Fund is a USA-based, esteemed, international animal rescue charity serving “underdog” rescue center all across the planet. We also provide volunteers with sacks of food for street animals. Your help will allow us to serve more than 71,000+ meals in December.

Harmony Fund is a 501c3 charity. Donations are tax deductible.

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