Crusade of Compassion for Homeless Animals in Romania

While a loving family is the greatest gift for any animal, we’re working with the amazing Fundatia Sky rescue center to provide the next-best-thing for hundreds of animals. In December, 40 tons of dog & cat food as well as 40 tons of hay for the horses was delivered here and, as you can see, it’s being put to very good use.

many rescued dogs in the rescue center

“In our shelter we consume 3.5 tons of croquettes for dogs and 1 ton for cats per month,” shelter Founder Mariana Craciun explains while sharing photos of animals being delivered to animals during the holidays. “We also give about 3 tons of croquettes per month for the dogs on the street, from the neighboring villages and to those who are in shelters. If we make a calculation, for a week the food for the strays costs us at least 500-600 euros. I must admit, however, that there were times when we had very big financial problems and we did not allow ourselves to go and feed them every day, because otherwise we would not have had enough food for the animals in the shelter. If it were up to me, I would feed absolutely every animal in our area every day.”

feeding rescued puppies
santa provides coat to the horse of an impoverished family.
Coat being provided to the horse of an impoverished family.

“We also have many horse who are neglected, abused, sick or hungry to whom we must go daily to feed and treat them,” Mariana continues. “During the winter the owners of the horses do not offer them anything to eat, moreover, they tie them and let them manage as best they can at the edge of the village and at the edge of the forests. You can see the horses we just found tied and the state they were in when we found them. We’ve been treating for a few days now. This year they were luckier because the weather was not quite harsh. It rained a lot so the horses were able to find some grass to eat, but last winter they dug under the snow and ate frozen roots out of hunger. Last winter, we bought over 30 tons of grain and over 30 tons of hay only for the horses of the people in the area and we will need to somehow do the same this year.”

Injured horses

Harmony Fund is asking for donations for another shipment of food to care for the homeless and neglected animals here in Northeast Romania.

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