New Nesting Boxes for the Free-Running Dog Sanctuary

Serbia's free-running dog sanctuary

Hammers have been swinging at Sasha Pejčić’s free-running dog sanctuary in Serbia. Ingrid Martens of Dog Happiness Belgium and her husband Frederik, along with other volunteers, recently spent their summer vacation building nesting boxes which will be invaluable in providing comfort and protection during inclement weather. The more sleeping quarters we have, the more the dogs can spread out and relax. In fact, good things are taking shape here on the whole as all the dogs are up-to-date on their vaccines and flea treatments and they have been eating well and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Ingrid Martens of Dog Happiness Belgium
Ingrid Martens of Dog Happiness Belgium 

“You have no idea, how grateful we are, but especially Sasha and his workers,” Ingrid said in a message to Harmony Fund. “Without you, it would be such a big disaster.”

While we often find ourselves worried about raising enough money to feed all the dogs, it’s important to stop and enjoy the everyday moments of joy here. In fact, the dogs recently enjoyed a few nibbles of watermelon as they supervised Sasha’s handy work on the new sleeping boxes. Quite a few of them climbed inside each box to inspect the workmanship.

Dogs enjoying watermelons!

In other good news, we’re delighted to have a small increase in adoptions. More dogs are on their way to homes of their own while our international team does everything possible to make the sanctuary the next-best-thing to having a real home. We always, always need help with funds for food here. If you are able to make a donation to help us buy food, please do so here.

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