You Saved the Day! Street Dogs & Cats in Serbia Won’t Be Hungry Now

Rescue cats' bunk bed

Dana Djurkovic is a rescuer in Serbia who ventures out each day to feed animals in the street after caring for the 50 cats and 5 dogs at her own sanctuary. Dana rarely asks for our help, but does so only when she is quite desperate.

“Dear Laura, I need your help again,” Dana wrote to Harmony Fund Founder Laura Simpson recently when she was entirely out of options. “The animals will get dinner and tomorrow there will be no food for dogs or cats. Can you help me a little, please?”

We know all-too-well what it means for a homeless street animal to receive a decent meal and we do our best to always respond quickly to distress calls even at times when we really are already struggling to feed all the animals who count on us. We try to find a way to help just a few more and bought food for the animals so they would not go hungry Today we thought you might enjoy seeing a few photos of those Serbian street animals who are receiving meals through your donations. Thank you everyone.

Street dogs in Serbia being fed.
Street dogs and cats of Serbia being fed thanks to your donation!

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