Hungry Dogs & Cats in Ukraine Will Be Fed With Your Help

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    20,000 Dogs & Cats Rescued.

    Today, 1,305 Need Your Help for Food.

    Founded by Tamara Tarnawska nearly 20 years ago, Shelter Kiev SOS has been home to some 20,000 dogs and cats. At this moment, they house a whopping 1,100 dogs and 205 cats. As you can see, many of the animals arrive in quite poor condition, but they find healing here.

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    In 1992, Radio Liberty journalist,Tamara Tarnawska traveled to the Ukraine from Munich and was saddened by the tragic welfare of street dogs. She launched a powerful mission to reform the welfare of street dogs and cats which came to a boiling point when she brought in a team of foreign journalists to help her document the killing of stray dogs and cats for their fur by being skinned alive.

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    Without the worldwide scandal Tamara (left) unmasked, tens of thousands more animals would have continued to be skinned. Those of us who remember this landmark campaign have deep loyalty to the woman who spared the suffering of countless animals and who continues to oversee the SOS Shelter today.

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    For years, the shelter received support from organizations internationally, but this has dwindled in recent years and now the only source of outside funding is a newspaper in Austria which tries to help from time to time.

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    All the dogs and cats here are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and up for adoption to well-screened applicants. The shelter also serves as an education center.

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    The Harmony Fund is asking for help to provide food for the animals here. Donations in any amount are deeply appreciated and the animals will gladly gobble up your gifts.

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    If you could see where these dogs came from, and the hardship they endured, you would know what this shelter means to them.

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    Love is universally recognized without a single spoken word. Thank you for helping us feed these animals today.

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Food, shelter and protection for SOS Kiev Animal Shelter.

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