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  • Pitbull rescued
  • Golden Opportunity to Rescue Every Living Creature at World’s Wickedest Zoo
  • Warin Taphaothong and her rescued dogs
  • Food for Ukraine
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Our Recent Animal Rescues

  • Ukraine Hero

    Extreme Bravery from the Women Saving Ukraine’s Dogs of War

    Cars have been streaming in a single direction away from the Ukrainian city of Donetsk as families try to get far, far away from this hot spot seized by Pro-Russian separatists. Many of the exiting cars are using trailers to carry coffins with them as the terrified residents flee with all that is most precious to…Read More

  • bear-please-give

    Golden Opportunity to Rescue Every Living Creature at World’s Wickedest Zoo

    A blue moon hangs in the sky above Palembang Zoo where dozens of wild animals sleep on their dirt floors, unaware of their imminent rescue. Animal welfare advocates are gripping a profound opportunity to save every animal at this zoo, where nearly lifeless animals languish in empty cages, often without drinking water or even a…Read More

  • warin is blij

    Rescuer Survives Gunshot Protecting Child: Dog Sanctuary Must Relocate to Mountain

    Still recovering from a gunshot blast to the chest, Warin Taphaothong would rather die than disappoint the dogs. On the heels of yet another surgery to address deep infection, Warin is back “at work”.  Today she wears a gentle smile and a light polka dot apron as she climbs onto her motorbike with a dozen magnificently large pots of food…Read More