Your Donation is the Love They Need!

All over the world, the Harmony Fund is providing safety and shelter for animals who fall victims to hunger, cruelty and homelessness. We do it entirely with your donations – a form of love that saves more lives than we can count. In any given month, we’re reaching out to a couple dozen rescue squads with help to purchase food, veterinary medicines, spay/neuter, anti-poaching patrols, repairs to crumbling sanctuary buildings and much more. This month we’re putting special focus on building a sanctuary for once-abused captive wolves who are about to enjoy spacious, natural habitat in their Serbian homeland.

6 Ways to Donate Today

Harmony Fund is a 501c3 charity. Donations are tax deductible.

1) Single Gift Option:

Food, shelter and protection for animals in crisis.

2) Monthly Donations:

Have a monthly gift sent automatically to help the animals in crisis.

3) Credit Card Option

Visa, Master, American Express, Discover

4) Donate by Mail

Please send a check to: Harmony Fund 800 Main Street, Suite 217, Holden, MA 01520 U.S.A.

5) Donate in a Different Currency

6) International Wire Transfer

SWIFT code for wires sent in US dollar: BOFAUS3N
SWIFT code for wires sent in foreign currency: BOFAUS6S
Routing Number: 026009593
Account Number: 004615583963
Name of Account: Harmony Fund