Chimpanzees at the Lwiro Primate Centre in Congo

You won’t be able to stop smiling as you witness the residents here enjoying their day at this amazing rescue center. (2 Minutes)

Wolves in Serbia: A New Dawn

The Harmony Fund is sponsoring wolf rescue operations in Serbia and working on the development of a natural sanctuary for wolves who were rescued after being raised in captivity by hunters. (2 Minutes)

Harmony Fund’s Magical Rescue Operations 4stars

Experience pure joy as you witness our worldwide mission. (3 Minutes)

The Great Animal Rescue Chase

Join in the animal lovers’ adventure of a lifetime. (2 minutes)

The enchanting life of Mazu the orphaned otter

His rescue and rearing has inspired an entire village in Congo to ban otter hunting. (2 minutes)

Miracle Dog

A paralyzed monsoon dog walks again in India thanks to our partners at Help in Suffering. (20 seconds)

Baby hippos born in Zimbabwe.

Thanks to our partners at the Turgwe Hippo Trust, they and their moms are protected from poachers. (4.5 minutes)

Racooon mama rescued from drainpipe.

Watch our partners at the New England Wildlife Center spring into action. (2 minutes)

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