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The Great Animal Rescue

Welcome Heroes

In the space of time it takes a raindrop to roll down your cheek, a life changing decision is made. You either turn sorrowfully away from an animal in distress or summon the courage to run forward and help. For all you runners out there, welcome home.

Come on in and rest your feet a while. Then join us in a planet-wide race to save 1 million suffering animals who are about to learn the spectacular meaning of second chances.

Rescue Story from Around the World!

View all the inspiring rescue story from around the world. If you have your rescue story to share, we would love for you to submit your story in our upload page!

Siamese Kitten, Husky & Chicken Rescue


April 16th, 2018

Well a beautiful Husky showed up a couple weeks ago. I had seen her around following different groups of young people but it appeared she was lost or abandoned. Last resort I will call Anim ...Read more

2/17/18 - Dachshund Rescue


February 18th, 2018

I was looking out my kitchen window and a really cute Dachshund wearing a purple sweater was outside in my driveway. Luckily I went out and he let me pick him up and he did not run from me. ...Read more

Rescued Dog & Then Kid That Came To Get Her


January 5th, 2018

A big dog that I have rescued many times. On Christmas Eve Animal Control picked her up in front of my Mobile Home before I could put her on a Cable. They already had her loaded in their tr ...Read more

Chickens In My Trees And A Very Big Dog Rescued


November 21st, 2017

I thought I had seen almost everything and this blew me away. I was in my yard and heard some racket about 15 feet up in the tree. When I looked up there was two full sized Chickens playing ...Read more

Rescued Cats, Dogs & Birds from Antifreeze Spill


September 26th, 2017

Actually the past two days I also rescued a neighbors very big dog named Nina and took her back home. I have all the dogs in the neighborhood trained to come here when they get loose by giv ...Read more

Rescued 4 Kittens & Mommy Cat


August 11th, 2017

A few weeks ago I rescued a kitten about 8 inches long laying next to the water pan in my driveway. He did not have a lot of energy so I gave him worm medicine hoping that was his problem. ...Read more

Taming a Feral Kitten with a Cell Phone

By Gary Foote (ON, Canada)

July 10th, 2017

While we were out playing golf one day we came across a starving feral kitten at the furthest point from the clubhouse next to some farmer's fields. While it was not practical to try and rescue it ...Read more

Injured Pigeon Contact-Dog Care in Extreme Heat


June 16th, 2017

PLEASE - Have the decency to put cold water out for your dogs during the day a few times. The water you put out early in the day gets blistering hot and the dogs could not even drink it wit ...Read more

Rescued 4 German Shepherd Puppies Still Nursing


June 6th, 2017

A few weeks ago the German Shepherd next door to me had puppies. On the first of the month the mom and daughter were moving. When the puppies were 17 days old and still nursing the idiot da ...Read more

Successful Rescue of a Bull in the Well

By Timmie Kumar (Rajasthan, India)

May 22nd, 2017

Few days ago Help in Suffering,recieved a call to rescue a bull from 80ft deep well.It was a tough rescue, but Help in Suffering team went on site and with the help of Jaipur Municipal Corporatio ...Read more