A Pigeon Named Hope - Birdman of long beach

Published on: December 2nd, 2012

Birdman of long beach

 11/15/2012 - At McDonalds in downtown Long Beach Ca. there was a pigeon standing in the corner all alone. When I took him home to examine him he had two puncture wounds from a hawk. One puncture wound was on his wing and the other puncture wound was in the front of his crop. When a pigeon is attacked by a hawk it is in god's hands. There is no way of knowing how much internal damage was done and quite often they will die overnight. And without antibiotics most pigeons will die from infection if there body was penetrated by the claws. It appears that the hawks claw went into the pigeons crop and he was throwing up for two solid days and I never seen a pigeon do that in nine years. I had to made a decision. So I decided to take him the next morning to Christina Jones that helps me with broken legs & wings from Southbay Wildlife. I was going to have him put down because I could not stand to see him suffer anymore. When I got up the next morning it was a true miracle. His crop was full of seed after not eating for two days and he stopped throwing up. I know a crop can heal if it is not damaged to bad. But as sick as this little guy was I did not think he had a chance and now there was hope. And that is how he got his name Hope. After about a week I started putting him in the bathroom with two other pigeons to see if he would fly at all. But for about four days he could only make it up to the bathtub and I was convinced he would be permanently disabled. Then one day about five days ago he was standing in the tub staring hard at the two pigeons way up high standing on the window sill. I was watching him and how intense he was and I was wondering if he was going to go for it. And then he shot straight up and made it to the window. I do not think I was ever happier because now he is not going to be disabled. Talk about a pigeon making a full recovery against all odds like he did was truly a miracle. He has been in the bathroom everyday getting his flying strength back and he will be able to be released in another week. If anyone around the Long Beach Ca. area finds a injured pigeon please contact me - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - If anyone is interested in making a donation to help with my bird rescue. You could make a donation to PayPal using my e-mail address - OR -  Dan Lubniewski -  P.O.Box - 21422 - Long Beach Ca. 90801

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