Incredible rescue by the Birdman of long beach

Published on: September 19th, 2012

This photo looks a lot like Fancy Free when he was rescued

Fancy Free's feet were tied together like this in bondage

Pigeons sure can have fun

I think if anyone thinks they are having a bad day they should read this wonderful story of survival. These are not the actual photo's of Fancy Free because I am so anxious to share this incredible story of survival. So when I get the actual photo's of before and after developed I will update this story but the first two photo's on here are quite a resemblence of Fancy Free. This was truely a divine intervention if I ever seen one and for Fancy Free to end up in my care the odd's were about a hundred trillion to one. He has to be one of the luckiest pigeons in the world. First of all he was stuck in a fence and he was being eaten alive by ants. He had a wound under his wing. His feathers on his back were almost all gone. His rear feathers were all ripped out but one. His flight feathers on both wings were half sheared off. His feet were tied together in bondage. All his toes were so damaged on one foot that he lost every toe. Then when I was untieing his other very damaged foot his whole foot snapped right off and this poor little guy is truely a testamonial. I pulled all this flight feathers out every other one and let them grow back half way before pulling the others out so they could grow back pretty again. It took quite awhile but all his feathers grew back beautiful. On one flight wing his first four feathers were solid white and on his other flight wing his first five feathers were solid white which made him such a pretty pigeon. Terry Whatley that has " Village Pond Rescue " in Lake Forest Ca. took him to give him a great life in her big aviary. She also took a King White Pigeon I rescued in a Mexican Restaurant nine months ago sitting under a table. She also took a beautiful pigeon Gary Anderson of Los Angelos Animal Control brought to me recently that had a broken beak. So thank god I get some help occasionally especially with permanent disabled pigeons that are unreleasable. Los Angelos Animal Control said they will be sending more pigeons my way that need help and thats fine with me. Terry Whatley e-mailed me and told me she named the pigeon Fancy Free and said he is doing absolutely wonderful in the aviary and seems very happy. I met Terry Whatley in 2005 not long after I started rescuing and she did a little story in Pigeon Talk about my rescue work. Terry is the coordinator for Pigeon Talk Forum and use to help me track down the owners of the hundreds of banded racing pigeons I rescued until I found out the racing clubs kill 99 percent of the racing pigeons when they are no longer satisfied with there performance. So now I can no longer return the banded racing pigeons I rescue which is sad. Anyway I wanted to share this story because it was such a great rescue story. If anyone around the Long Beach Ca. area finds a injured pigeon please contact me - - I have rescued and doctored over 3,000 pigeons for eight years straight. If anyone would like to make a donation through my Paypal it can be done using my e-mail address. Just 99 cents buys a three pound bag of bird seed which I need for my rescue work. Or if you would prefer here is my P.O.Box Address - Dan Lubniewski - P.O.Box - 21422 - Long Beach Ca. 90801 - Thank you, Birdman of long beach.

Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!