Birdman of long beach helps a local Cat Colony

Published on: August 20th, 2012

My Beautiful Angel Baby

My Marine Corp. days ( 1 )

My Marine Corp. days ( 2 )

I decided to write this story to honor my friend Laura Simpson because of her dedication of helping a cat colony early every morning. And I think when she reads this it will really put a big smile on her face. The cat in the photo is Angel Baby my cat for about 6 years. He slept with me in my van for 3 yrs. when I had Dan's Pigeon Rehab. Center. I have a spine problem and he does the most serious ceremonies walking on my chest a couple times a day and night. He puts his body down against mine and just quiver's and I believe with all my heart he has been working on my medical problem and he is trying to make it go away. Here is my story about helping a Cat Colony on the bluff off of Ocean Blvd. There was two different spots on Ocean Blvd. where there were cats and each spot had about the smallest dog house I ever seen. So I made a promise to myself to keep a eye out for a decent sized dog house to put on the bluff for the cats. Then one day I was walking down the street with my Rottweiler Max and there was some furniture in a driveway and a very big dog house for a 100 lb. dog. There also was a spanish man working on a car next to the drive way where the stuff was. So for what is was worth I had to question the guy about the dog house. He said it was his son's and his son got evicted. So I told him about the Cat Colony on Ocean Blvd. and I was looking for a dog house to take to the bluff so the cats would have some shelter. Considering the dog house looked new and had a price tag still on it for $399.00 I think it was. I almost fell over when he said I could have it.  OMG  was that gonna be a Christmas Present for so many cats. So me and Max my partner in crime went home and got rope, bungee cords and my two wheeler. We were going to have quite a task walking that big heavy dog house about a mile to the bluff. One thing in my favor I loaded trucks for years for the Teamsters Union and had plenty of experience with dollies. Well we made it and I worked it over the guard rail and dragged it down the hill and tried to conceil it the best I could in the area with bushes all over. I don't know if anyone ever took a dog house that big to a bluff before but we were quite pleased with our accomplishment. And although there has been so many Divine Intervention's with my bird rescue there definitely had to be Divine help here. When I first moved into my Apartment three years ago. Awoman named Lorrain helped me trap all the cats around here and get them fixed and shots and released. One of those cats was the Calico that I rescued here a few months ago with a growth on his foot and needed $800.00 surgery because he has a anti immune disease where good cells attack good cells. Laura Simpson helped with the cost of the surgery from the Harmony Fund and I just could not say enough good about her because she is a true Angel. Anyway a couple years after Lorraine helped me trap the cats to get fixed. We were talking and I told her the story about the cats on the bluff and how me and Max took that big dog house there. She said OMG nobody ever knew who the mystery person was who put that big dog house there on the bluff. And she personally had rescued so many babies from that dog house. So I had a plan and stuck to it and look how great it worked out. So actually the first reason I wrote this story was to honor Laura Simpson. And the second reason was that maybe by someone reading this story they might find it in there heart to do the same thing for a Cat Colony somewhere. A little time and a little money can sometimes make such a impact. Okay, my life basically is rescuing injured pigeons. But for years we also go out and feed cats at night. Not long ago we were feeding cats in about 8 locations every night but quite a few cats disappeared unfortunately. I have PayPal if anyone would ever like to make a contribution to my bird rescue work.  99 cents buys a three pound bag of bird seed that I need for my rescue work. A donation could be made to PayPal using my e-mail address. If anyone finds a injured pigeon around the Long Beach Ca. area please contact me - - I have rescued and doctored over 3,000 pigeon's in 8 years. Look up war pigeons on google and see how many pigeons were decorated war hero's and gave up there life for our freedom. Also my post office box address is - Dan  Lubniewski -  P.O.Box - 21422 - Long Beach Ca. 90801 - Thank you, hope you enjoyed the story. 

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