Birdman of long beach ask 186 Churches for Help

Published on: August 16th, 2012

Saying grace before the meal

My first year and a half of doing my rescue work in Long Beach Ca. I was homeless. The good thing about that is that if I had not been homeless I would not have ever found my calling. Recently I was accused of getting rich from a care2 member because she seen more than one story on me and for some reason it bugged her. I have been rescuing injured pigeons off the street and doctored over 3,000 since 2005 and I have also rescued many cats & dogs. I have been fortunate enough to have around ten stories published on my rescue work. But as for getting rich I still have a long way to go. I think if I was able to add up every donation I ever received in 8 years that it would not total over a thousand dollars. I always figured few donations came in because it was pigeons that I decided to help. I figure with all the pigeons I have fed all over town and at the Piers and at the Aquarium and all the medicines I bought plus food I bought for the cats we always fed at night that I easily spent $40,000 since I started. I wrote to the woman who made the comment about me using care2 to get rich. I told her do you have any idea how wonderful it would be if I got rich from any stories. I also told her that anyone in the world that knows me knows that 99 percent of that wealth would be to go to helping animals because I never put myself first. When I was homeless and feeding pigeons all over town my first year and a half. I had a idea that I thought might take some of the financial pressure off of me. As a rule I never ask anyone for anything. But I was thinking well I am helping God's creatures. So I made up a nice flyer to send to churches. I immediately told them I was not asking for a dime. I explained my situation and what I was doing with my life to try and save lives. I also mentioned I did not drink, drug or smoke. I told them that if anyone had the heart to help out a little with bird seed or medicine that it would be appreciated tremendously. I told them that there was a 99 cent store next to Taco Bell downtown that they could send a check for bird seed and to make sure they wrote on the check for bird seed only for Dan Lubniewski so they would know I was not out to scam anyone. And I told them that if anyone had the heart to help with medicine. That they could send a check made out to Jedd's Bird Supply in Anaheim and to make sure they put on it for medicine only for Dan Lubniewski so they would know I was not trying to scam anyone. Well truthfully I did not expect to rock the world with responses. But believe it or not I never got the first 99 cent bag of bird seed or any help with medicine. And worse yet I never got a thank you for helping God's creatures, a phone call or a e-mail. And this is why I do not walk into a church to have a great relationship with God. My Guardian Angel hangs here in the doorway watching us and protects us. I always believed if I would of wrote to the same 186 churches and said please meet me somewhere that I had a nice donation for the church that there would of been cars lined up everywhere but maybe I am wrong. I have PayPal now if anyone ever wanted to make a small donation. To donate through PayPal you can just use my e-mail address - -A three pound bag of bird seed is only 99 cents and I use a lot for my rescue work plus I feed them a lot simply because they are hungry. Each and every time I walk outside my pockets are full of bird seed because they wait and watch for me everywhere and I love it. The point I was trying to make by writing this story is that most Animal Rescuer's probably don't eat as good as the animals they are feeding. 

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