Rescue's at Walmart by the Birdman of long beach

Published on: August 12th, 2012

Birdman of long beach hanging out with his friends

So many pigeon's with there feet tied together in bondage

This pigeon suffered a lot before I rescued him

I am getting ready to work on the second foot

I have been rescuing pigeon's at Walmart in downtown Long Beach Ca. since 2005 and I have rescued hundreds of pigeon's there in terrible condition.  On 3/31/2012  I went there to rescue pigeons that had horribly tied toes with fishing line , string & human hair and were living a tortured life. A young security guard came up to me and told me I could not rescue the pigeon's there. Of course I was very upset that anyone would stop someone from saving a animals life and it absolutely did not make any sense. All these guys hanging around over there most of the day that look like gang members and druggies and they decide to kick out a disabled USMC veteran that is doing good with his life saving lives. The reason was the young guys supervisor named Douglas Chaney Security Supervisor for the whole area called ( City Place ) pulled up in a car and told him that I could not rescue birds there and to tell me to stop and drove off. I tried to get the young guy to call his supervisor back so I could talk to him and he refused. And although I complied and stopped trying to rescue the hurt pigeons this young guy actually thought he had the authority to kick me off the property all together. So for 4 1/2 month's until today I kept getting reports from people I know that there were so many pigeons there needing my help and that had to suffer all these months. See the problem is when most pigeons are that injured they almost always stay within a block of where I first spot them because they are in so much pain. So basically if I did not rescue them at Walmart they would not get any help. Recently the Manager of Animal Control ( Or Animal Care Now )  Ted Steven's brought me this beautiful totally domesticated pigeon himself and it was the first time we met. They had this pigeon that they tried to release more than once and it kept flying back to there shoulder. I told Ted he was totally domesticated and could not survive in the wild so he brought it to me. He has brown blotches on half his face so I named him patches and he is my best buddy. He lands on my head the minute I walk in the bathroom. Anyway Ted Steven's told me that I was officially there pigeon man. So I e-mailed him and said if thats the case if some of the people who reported seeing the injured pigeons at Walmart was to put in reports. Then I guess you could give me Authority to go rescue pigeons at Walmart. It was not exactly a devious plan but I thought under the circumstances it was a clever plan   AND  today I received a e-mail from Ted Stevens, Manager of Animal Care giving me Authority to rescue at Walmart after he received reports of injured pigeons there. Ted Steven's loves all animals and does not discriminate against any and I am very proud to have his support now after the way I was treated by security at Walmart. I know I keep mentioning Walmart but Walmart had nothing to do with the way I was treated. It was the security for the whole area " City Place " that treated me so poorly but it is Walmart where I do my rescue work. If anyone around the Long Beach Ca. area finds a injured pigeon please contact me - - Birdman of long beach.

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