Beautiful young pregnant dog rescued

Published on: June 23rd, 2012

Birdman of long beach:  This is just a happy rescue story that ended so well today. I believe with all my heart my Guardian Angel works through me. A couple examples are about 6 months ago my Pitbull Babygirl was whimpering like a concerned mother at our security door. I looked out and did not see anything and then soon she started whimpering again. I looked out again and there was a Rooster at my door nose to nose with Babygirl wanting to come in. Well first of all you do not even see Roosters in Long Beach. So I went out and this very beautiful healthy Rooster let me kneel down and pick him right up and one of the strangest things you ever seen. I got a man named Bob Ward of Wards Birds to pick him up and Bob gave him a great home. I believe the Rooster was guided to my door because he knew I would help him strange as it sounds. Then about 6 months before that a Beautiful young German Shepherd was standing outside my 8 unit gated apartment just staring through the bars looking at my apartment. A neighbor said he was there earlier doing the same thing but I never laid eyes on this beautiful dog before. So when I went out and let him in the gate he was all over me like a long lost love and it melted my heart and I found him the greatest home in the world. About a week ago a beautiful little brown dog started coming on to the property here and was always around here. There is two different very irresponsible neighbors very close to me that lets little dogs run all over the neighborhood. So I assumed this dog was connected to them and I wanted no part of them so I just left the dog alone but gave it food and water twice a day. I finally ran into the girl related to the mexican family that lives in the first apartment who spoke english. I ask her if anyone from there apartment owned the dog or if it was connected to the dogs running loose from the irresponsible neighbors and she said no. I ask her if the dog was male or female and she said female. It just so happen that a really nice mexican family that lives about three blocks from here told me they were looking for a small young female dog when I was at there yard sale about a month ago. I told the woman I rescue animals and to give me her phone number and I would try to find her a small sweet female dog. I gave the girl in the first apartment the womans phone number and ask if she would call the woman and speak to her in spanish. Well she tried calling the phone number for two days and got no answer. But when I got back from shopping this evening the mexican girl told me the woman took the dog and even knew she was pregnant and was very happy to get her. So what made this rescue story even so much happier is that since this dog did not end up getting picked up by animal control that alot of lives were saved today. This was such a wonderful and happy strange kind of rescue story considering the circumstances. What a happy way to end my day and how happy she will be having a forever home with a young daughter to love her also. All I can say is thank you to my Guardian Angel for allowing me to be part of this beautiful experience today.

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