Do you believe in Karma

Published on: June 3rd, 2012

Birdman of long beach:  About a year ago a neighbor had kittens in his yard running around and he was not happy about it. I told him I would get a big cage, put a litter box in it, feed and take care of the kittens and even spray his yard for fleas and he said okay. I bought a big rabbit hutch on high legs from a neighbor two doors down for $10.00   if you read my Guardian Angel story I put on here 5/29/2012 you will see this is how my Guardian Angel helps me by convieniently having that rabbit hutch there for me. I was really excited and called Jorge and told him I had a big cage for the kittens and ask if I could bring it over. He said in a hateful voice it was to late that he turned the kittens over to animal control ( meaning most likely they were put to sleep ) I was devastated and I sent him a  e-mail with only 5 words - Do you believe in Karma - well I did not see him for a few weeks and ask some guys working in his yard where he was. I found out he died within about a week after he turned the kittens over to animal control at the age of 40. I have no idea if this was Karma or just strange timing ( But I would not rule out Karma ) So anyone out there that is abusive to people and animals beware and please start showing love and respect instead of abuse because God is watching you -

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