Guardian Angels Do Exist

Published on: May 29th, 2012

Birdman of long beach:  Most people would like to believe that Guardian Angels do exist. I know for a fact that they do. I hope by sharing my story it will help someone have more faith. When my three children were young my wife cheated on me and it was my son that told me about mommy kissing this nice man. My life as I knew it was destroyed because every breath in my body was the love for my children. I knew I had to leave Dallas Texas for awhile or I would of ended up in big trouble. I guess God felt my pain and felt sorry for me for some reason considering there are so many other people that have so many sad things to deal with. Anyway I was at a yard sale and I found a Guardian Angel Picture in a frame with a poem. The name of the Poem was Guardian Angel I think. The poem said something like I am your Guardian Angel and I will look over you. It had a boy and girl walking across rocks on a creek with the girl on his back. Now my children were unique looking and did not look like other kids.Well the best photographer in the world could of taken a photo of Brenda and Stephen and there would not have been any difference at all between the two children in the photo with the Guardian Angel. And before I left town I had a surprise birthday party for Brenda in the club house of the Meadows Apt. Complex. I had bought her a pair of farmer johns coverall's she was wearing at the party. In the Guardian Angel Picture and poem the girl was wearing farmer johns coverall's. Then at another yard sale some time later I found the same Guardian Angel Picture in a frame with a poem in Spanish. Then it dawned on me that my other daughter Connie who was not in the original photo and poem that I found that her last name was Hernandez and my grand children are half Spanish. So I believe that was God's way of telling me that Connie also has a Guardian Angel. So my prized possession in the whole world is my Guardian Angel Statue hanging in the doorway looking at me right now. I could write a book on all the wonderful things that have been happening almost daily for years to show me over and over that my Guardian Angel is always with me. I will list just a few of the little stories. One evening I gave three items away. My prized grill cheese maker, a electric heater and I forget what the third thing was. The next morning I go out in the alley behind where I was living and I find three things. A electric heater, whatever the second item was and then around the corner on the grass was a George Forman grill in a box. Then another time I gave someone my only leather jacket. The next day I go out in the alley and across from my apartment on top the garbage can was a beautiful leather jacket just out of the cleaners like new. It was made in Italy and soft leather and it fit me perfectly. Then one day I was telling my mom about my Guardian Angel and all the wonderful things she does to let me know she is real and that she also has a sense of humor. The first words out of my mom's mouth was ( why don't you ask her for money ) I said are you crazy. I have a beautiful relationship with my Guardian Angel and I would never ask her for money or use her. Well about 12 hours later I was walking down Atlantic and found some money in the street. I put it in my pocket and played around counting the number of bills and guessing. I figured there was a minimum of $12.00 and after about a hour the suspense was killing me so I finally counted it. The first was a fifty dollar bill. The second was a fifty dollar bill. The next two were twenty dollar bills. And the last two were five dollar bills a total of $150.00    Awhile back I was thinking I wish I had a comforter to put on the bedroom floor to wrestle with Babygirl my pitbull. Then one day I looked out my security screen door and directly across the alley was something that looked like a comforter sitting on a can. I went over and checked and when I brought it home it was a new king size comforter in a clear see thru bag with sheets and pillow cases.  Then I was having a hard time finding slippers that had a back on them and my slippers were shot. I was walking Babygirl a block from here and someone put about 6 pairs of shoes on a lawn and one new pair of slippers with a rubber band around them and they fit me perfectly and I am wearing them right now. One day I got a new Infra Red Heating Pad from the VA. I met a woman and was talking to her and she said her back was really giving her pain. I said she could have this nice heating pad as I never used it. Her room mate was a guy I never met and he came and picked it up for her. After he gets back to her house he tells her the craziest thing happened. That when he turned to leave and looked at me he said there was a glow around me and it sounded kind of crazy to me. But I ask this guy Dave that does weekly bible study if he ever heard of such a thing and he said yes and that it meant I am blessed. The funniest part of all is that my Guardian Angel has proved that to me so many times.  Anyway I never shared this story with anyone and thought maybe someone would enjoy a happy spiritual story. That was just a few of the things I recalled as I was writing this story. I sure do not have all the answers but what ever it is that has been going on with me for years  ( I like it )  Sincerely, Dan Lubniewski - Birdman of long beach -

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