Calico Cat needs help quickly - Birdman of L.B.

Published on: May 16th, 2012

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Birdman of long beach:  I wrote a story two days ago about standing up to three young gangsters hurting a pigeon. Besides doing my rescue work for pigeons for 8 years I go out every night with my pitbull Babygirl and we feed cats in various locations. Last night at one of the locations a very sweet Calico cat I have been taking care of for a few years. She had a injured foot with like a ball of the inside hanging down outside of the foot forcing her to have to walk on it. Its like a tumor but I think its part of the inside of her foot. Well thank god I have a big empty dog carrier I could put her in so I brought her home and I wrapped her foot. I only get a thousand dollars disability pension from the veterans because of my service in the Marines. That covers my whole life and I do not qualify for food stamps which is unbelievable. A few times I suggested that if anyone would be willing to help with a donation to help with my pigeon rescue operation it would truly be appreciated. I have rescued and doctored over 3,000 pigeons off the street in 8 years, take care of cats at night and I have rescued many dogs. But few people have ever helped with my pigeon rescue and I can only guess its because they do not feel helping a pigeon is a worthy cause. Pigeons were decorated war hero's and many died to save our veterans lives. Anyway this is the first time I am actually asking for help because of this Calico Cat that needs medical attention which I can't afford. With medicines, bird seed, feeding all the cats at night I have no idea how I even pull that off. If anybody would like to help so I could take this cat to get medical help it would truly be appreciated. But for now I am happy I have her safe where she does not have to walk much on that hurt foot. Thank you, Sincerely, Dan Lubniewski - P.O. Box - 21422 - Long Beach California  90801 - - U.S.M.C. veteran.

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