Standing up for a injured pigeon by Dan Lubniewski

Published on: May 14th, 2012

I definitely found my calling

I finally realize what Homie means

I think they love me

I have so many true friends

I am the " Birdman of long beach " and I have put in many comments sticking up for pigeons rights. I have found my calling and have rescued and doctored over 3,000 pigeons on the street since 2005. In this big lot where I fed and took care of hundreds of pigeons everyday that were like family to me and that trusted me with there life. 3 gang looking guys about 17 or 18 years old threw a rock into the flock of pigeons I was feeding hitting one and he was bleeding. Then the guys decided to come and take a look at there accomplishment and probably would of stomped the little guy to death if I had not grabbed him in my hands before they got there. I stood up to all three of them and I said you know this pigeon could have babies in a nest needing him to feed them. I think I stupidly said WOW three big tough guys can hurt a little pigeon ( why don't you fight a man ) Only god knows how I got away with that. Maybe the hat I was wearing that said  - Marine - made them realize they would not hurt me as easily as this defenseless little pigeon but they walked away and I was able to save the pigeon's life. Last week I was sent to rescue a pigeon with his toes tied on both feet and one of his legs was tied really bad and turning white on busy pine street downtown. 3 guys around my age and a woman sitting at a outside table having coffee across from Starbucks. The guy says something stupid like he has a knife and I ignored him. Then he said something stupid like putting the pigeon in a microwave. I said I will put you in a microwave and that pigeons were decorated war hero's and I know you were not one. That shut his big mouth and I was able to save the pigeons leg and will take him back soon in a few days. In my 8 years of rescue work I have accomplished a lot and made a name for myself. There is published stories on my rescue work under - Birdman of long beach - on google. Animalliberationfront has published over 70 stories with photo's. I am on the - U.S.Animal Rights Hall Of Fame Nominee List - with names like Bob Barker, Betty White, Paul McCartney, Steven Segal just to ment a few. So I am quite proud that all my hard work and sacrifes has made some impact on getting pigeons some of the respect they really deserve. But few people ever cared about giving me a donation and I always figured it was because I save pigeons. I only get about a thousand dollars a month disability pension from the Marines and no food stamps to cover my whole life. Its expensive with bird seed, medicines and cat food because me and my pitbull Babygirl also have been going out at night feeding cats for years. We also rescued quite a few cats for trap and release after they were fixed. If anyone has the heart to help it would truly be appreciated. Every penny I get goes to rescue and because of it I could never afford a car. And even if I had one I could not afford to put gas in it. I do not add luxuries to my life that would take away from my rescue work which god chose and blessed me to do. - - Dan Lubniewski - P.O.Box - 21422 - Long Beach California  90801 is my contact information if anymore chooses to help my cause. Thank you, Sincerely - Birdman of long beach   

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