Rescued 3 Dogs From Chow, also tried to Bite me

Published on: February 25th, 2019

I took my little dog Angel to the neighbors to play with her boyfriend dog and another 


little dog. A big black Chow got in their yard and tried attacking my little dog. I chased him back


with the leash and the neighbor behind got him. He had jumped the fence because the little dog


over there is in heat. I am so glad I rescued them before he might have killed them all. The only


dog in the world I do not trust at all is a Chow. And I have rescues many Pitbulls, Shepherds,


Rottweilers and so many more but I would never attempt to rescue a Chow. The man put some


wood on the fence and I secured it today with wire so I hope it keep the Chow out. I tried 


telling the guy his dog attacked my dog but like so many others around here he did not speak


English at all.  In a seconds notice anything can happen   (it was a close call)


Birdman of Long Beach - 214 - 2721545 - 

Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!
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