Birdman of Long Beach Rescues *Poodle & Chihuahua*

Published on: January 19th, 2019

I think my neighbors try a little harder now than they use to from letting their dogs get out. Its because I

have went to their doors shaming them so many times returning their pets.  But awhile ago around  8 p.m.

my neighbors dogs were running in the street. And if I had not rescued them and took them home. 

They most likely would have been running in the street all night and only God knows if they would have

been hit by a car. The daughter was careless and left the gate open and I try to stress the fact how easily

they could get killed from just one careless mistake. There is a pregnant Pitbull that comes to eat everyday

but won't let me touch her to rescue her. My neighbor behind me had  ''8 Daschund Puppies''  that I reach

over the fence and play with every day now which is a blast. I don't know if he is selling them or if he did

not get his dog fixed and she had puppies. If anyone around the Long Beach Ca. or Los Angelos area finds a

injured Pigeon contact me. My friend in Lomita Ca. has Aviaries with hundreds of permanently disabled 

Pigeons and would probably be happy to take it in. Also Long Beach Animal Hospital on Anahein takes in

wildlife free of charge. All you do is simply fill out a wildlife form. Please do not return banded Pigeons

back to racing clubs. They keep a few Pigeons with good blood lines for breeding and kill the rest as soon as

they are no longer satisfied with their performance. I rescued and rehabiliated over 4,000 Pigeons off the 

street for 10 solid years seven days a week and have many published stories on my rescue work. So 

believe me I know what I am talking about. And Pigeons are one of the smartest and sweetest animals in

the world. They don't spread diseases to humans and pest control companies have spread so many lies

about them to sell products. They were War Heros and gave their lives for our freedom and they deserve

so much more respect than they get  -  214 - 2721545 - Home Phone with Voicemail -  (or)   Thanks,  Birdman of Long Beach.


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