Rescued 2 CATS Separately that Fell in Love

Published on: October 11th, 2018

First I rescued a really pretty short hair Grey Cat with a big fluffy white spot underneath his chin on his neck which is really pretty. Then I rescued a really pretty Orange & White Cat that never stopped crying for me since the first time she laid eyes on me. Today is the first day the Orange Cat is letting me pet her and she is loving every minute of it. I can pick up the Grey Cat and love on him everyday and should be able to do the same soon with the Orange & White Cat. I made a little home for them on my porch and they act like they fell in love butting heads a lot and other cute stuff.

The big dog Nena from a few doors away that I was rescuing so often she was with me more than her owners. They actually left town for a week and I had her the whole week. The family never said a word to me and I was sure they abandoned her. Then a week later they came back and simply took her from my yard and once again never said a word. Anyway for the first time the family secured her for 6 weeks and I assume Animal Control or Management got tough with them. But she did get loose for 6 hrs. on Saturday 10/6/18 and spent a half day with me and I was so surprised as big as she is she let me trim all her nails without taking my hand off. I am thinking maybe she was so tall she could not really see what I was doing.

I still keep the Lab from across from me 9 hours a day to keep him out of the heat. He also let me cut his nails but I had to bribe him with a Ice Cream Sandwich. He squeezed through his gate a couple days ago and ran directly over to me. Seems like all the dogs around here run right to me when they escape which is really a good thing. It's actually flattering considering these dogs escape and the whole world is theres and even though they know I will hook them up to a 20' cable they still come right to me.

I know its because they know I truly love them with all my heart. I am known as the Birdman of Long Beach and I rescued over 4,000 injured Pigeons off the street and doctored them for 10 years straight. If you are around the Long Beach California area and find a injured Pigeon please contact me as I have a friend who takes in permanently disabled Pigeons and I also can tell you where you can buy Batril Enrofloxacin 10 % Antibiotics without a perscription through the mail. Also please don't return Banded Racing Pigeons back to the Racing Clubs. As soon as they are no longer satisfied with the Pigeons performance they kill them with no remorse. Home phone with voicemail - 214 - 2721545

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