Rescuing zoo & farm animals in war-blockaded Yemen

Written by kim michelle broderick (44350, France)
Published on: August 22nd, 2018


ONE WORLD ACTORS PRODS.-Animal Rescues Charity ( OWAP-AR):

Combatting the 6th Extinction : Yemen's animal «Last of the Mohicans» is given

their only chance at survival by One World Actors Animal Rescues.

 Dedicating her life since January 2016 to 2 pioneer Rescue Missions of iconic, rare animals, birds and reptiles still trapped and hungry at destitute Ibband Taiz Zoos in war-stricken Yemen, Kim- Michelle Broderick,a British Queen's Guide and Founding President of One World Actors Productions(OWAP-AnimalRescues) works directly and daily with the Zoo Managements.

Endorsed by EPA/CITES Yemen Ministry under President Hadi's internationally recognized Yemen Government, Kim's volunteer Teams have been implementing her Ground Operations using public donations to feed the animals,devise and implement Enrichments Projects, build new humane outdoor enclosures to free the animals from their cruel dungeons while giving cash for work to the Zoo and vet staff in lieu of their monthly salaries.

The Yemen blockade prevents OWAP-AR from evacuating these endangered World Heritage "Last of the Mohicans"abroad so OWAP-AR is endeavouring to keep them alive on-site where they stand for the duration of the war.

OWAP-AR Non-Profit has also come to the rescue of Yemen's 310 neglected Arabian Police Horses in the capital city of Sana'a, supporting stable-hands and vets in the well as bringing starving Dhamar Farm animals-French Dairy Cows and  Arabian Horses -back from the brink ongoingly...

OWAP-AR depends entirely on good people's donations to keep up this lone fight...

After mobilizing all Yemeni Authorities, international Diplomacy,the U.N. in Yemen, PETA U.S.A. and legal representatives, OWAP-AR is now urgently calling on the global animal conservation communities' and the General Public's vital sponsorship to keep these war-captives alive with more emergency relief food, water and vet care until lasting Peace is brokered in Yemen.

"How, after 30 months of Ops.,can we possibly abandon these Red-Listed animals to starve once more in the midst of brutal war?"asks Leanne Abigail Condliffe, OWAP-AR's UK Director of the Board and passionate animal-lover,"The Planet could lose an entire Sub Species if we don't urgently save Taiz Zoo's 30 critically endangered Panthera pardus nimr Arabian Leopards and release the cruelly imprisoned Lions to secured natural habitat at Ibb Zoo!»

«am committed to my moral duty as Queen's Guide to stand by these enduring animals and am rally ing all animal lovers around the planet to help us keep going for these suffering innocentsso precious to our WorldPlease combat the 6th Extinction with us!"implores Kim Michelle Broderick.

PRESS: the-brink-in-yemen

Assoc. OWAP-AR, Le Petit Languernais , 31 rue de La Buterne, 44350 SAINT MOLF, France email : ,

tel.n°:00 33 2 51 10 75 33 Date de la déclaration: 10 juin 2002.

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