Rescued Dog & Then Kid That Came To Get Her

Published on: January 5th, 2018

A big dog that I have rescued many times. On Christmas Eve Animal Control picked her up in front of my Mobile Home before I could put her on a Cable. They already had her loaded in their truck and I showed them where the dog lived and talked them out of taking her. Obviously the family did not learn anything from the close call because I have rescued her every day since and even have her on a cable in my yard right now. Actually she broke the collar she was wearing awhile ago and I put another collar on her and rescued her the second time today. The family is not home and since she can get out of the yard there is no sense to go and put her back in the yard. I also rescue the Poodle next door to me at least once or twice a day that gets out and crosses the street. I am trying so hard to keep both of them from getting ran over and killed and wish the families cared more and acted more responsible. On New Years day a kid about 14 years old came to get her and take her home. She had wrapped the 20' Cable tightly around his legs around three or four times and he had already thrown his cell phone. Its a good thing I came to his rescue as his legs were really in the Cable tight. It made me wonder how many other people through the years had a horrible experiene like that of getting wrapped up in a dogs cable and nobody around for miles to help them. I have saved dogs lives that have wrapped their cable round and round something until they were almost choked to death. I try to tell people to never hook a dogs cable where it can wrap the cable around anything because it could end up killing the pet. But most people are to ignorant to take what I am saying seriously or simply do not care. So all of us rescuers that do rescue work all we can do is try our best to help the precious animals we love and adore so much. Also Thank you so much Laura Simpson for all the Animals that the Harmony Fund Rescues  (you're a special group of Angels) Have a really great year ahead.

Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!