Chickens In My Trees And A Very Big Dog Rescued

Published on: November 21st, 2017

I thought I had seen almost everything and this blew me away. I was in my yard and heard some racket about 15 feet up in the tree. When I looked up there was two full sized Chickens playing around. I told my neighbor and he ask me if I would help try to rescue them. When they came down they went into a small fenced in area of grass behind my shed and we were able to catch them with a net that the guy had. This morning a very big and strong dog from up the street showed up. I took her home and put her back in the fenced yard. But she showed up a second time a short time later and I took her home a second time and the family was gone. Then when she showed up a third time I hooked her to a cable in my yard and fed her 4 cans of dog food and she was starved and that might be the reason she kept escaping. Finally the wife and kids showed up and put her in the house until they can fix the area she is escaping from in the yard. Animal control has been patrolling the area with two trucks at a time lately and if she had been running loose they most likely would have picked her up so she was really lucky coming to me. About 4 weeks ago a big dog part Lab showed up wearing only a 2017 rabies tag and no other I.D. So I hooked him on a cable and had to wait until the next morning to call the Vet Clinic where he had received the Rabies Vacination with the tag I.D. Number to get the owners contact information. I also rescued a very sweet Pitbull wearing a Pink Collar and no I.D. about two weeks ago and decided to turn her loose with hopes she would go back home rather than call animal control where she very likely could have been put down. I rescued a little dog that lives next door to the guy behind me and took him back home yesterday. I have a wash machine in the kitchen that I am not using. I stored animal crackers in it that I use for treats for the dogs. Found out mice loved them as much as dogs and they chewed into about eight bags so I removed them. Well 10 mice jumped inside looking for the animal crackers and could not climb up the bags to get out and they were stuck. So I took them to the field up the street. I guess you can say I love all gods creatures and there is hardly ever a dull moment living here. Thats just a few of my recent rescues and for sure there has been more that I did not mention. I also got 4  self warming beds from for dogs around here delivered in two days if anyone is interested.

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