Rescued Cats, Dogs & Birds from Antifreeze Spill

Published on: September 26th, 2017

Actually the past two days I also rescued a neighbors very big dog named Nina and took her back home. I have all the dogs in the neighborhood trained to come here when they get loose by giving them cookies so it is a win/win. I am also feeding a pregnant German Shepherd in my driveway every night. She is skidish and not very comfortable with people so she most likely has not been socialized. I am hoping I can befriend her so I can get her help. My neighbors all around me are very irresponsible with animals and as a result I look after all the animals around here and feed quite a few Dogs, Cats & Birds everyday. This morning my neighbor next to me did the stupidest thing that could have killed a lot of animals in my neighborhood. For some reason their trash can was about 6 foot in my yard on my grass for pick up. Because of that I went and moved it and put it by the street for pick up today. There was a few pieces of trash laying in the middle of there driveway and a container so I walked over and picked it up. Luckily I did because the container laying there was a container of Antifreeze laying on its side without a lid and about 25 percent full of Antifreeze. The driveways are slanted down and if it had poured out and probably would have it would have contaminated all the rain water in the street and any animal drinking it would have had a very good chance of dying. So my good deed of moving her trash can to the street for pickup, walking over and picking up the trash in her driveway may have indirectly saved many animals lives. So anybody that is not aware of it. Please keep Antifreeze in a very secure location because it kills animals easily once they drink it. Thank you, Birdman of Long Beach.

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