Injured Pigeon Contact-Dog Care in Extreme Heat

Published on: June 16th, 2017

PLEASE - Have the decency to put cold water out for your dogs during the day a few times. The water you put out early in the day gets blistering hot and the dogs could not even drink it without burning there mouth. Also if you put a dog on a cable Please put the cable in a shaded area. Please check the dogs collar and make sure it is not to tight by putting your fingers under it. Please check the dogs nails as it is so painful for them to walk when their toe nails are over grown. Most dogs do not make it easy to cut their nails but pet shops will do it for just a few dollars. Please when you put them on a cable make sure they can't wrap the cable around anything because it gets tighter and tighter and chokes them. Please make sure your pets have a updated Micro Chip and that you put flea medication on it monthly if you live in a area with fleas. Please when the weather gets colder put a Vest or Sweater on the dog so they will not be freezing. If anyone lives around the Long Beach Ca. area and you find a injured pigeon please help it. Pigeons were War Hero's and deserve more respect than they get. Please do not return banded racing Pigeons back to the racing clubs. When they are no longer satisfied with their performance they kill them with no remorse. They only keep a few Pigeons with good blood lines for breeding. Long Beach Animal Hospital on Anaheim will take in injured Pigeon at no cost and all you do is fill out a short Wildlife Form. I also have a friend who has hundreds of permanently disabled Pigeons living in Aviaries that might take a injured pigeon off your hands. Please contact me for his contact information. Pest control companies have spread lies about Pigeons for years to sell products. Pigeons do not carry diseases to humans and they will not not hurt you to pick them up. Contact Danny - Birdman of Long Beach -

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