Little Harrienyet

Written by Ed Kostro (IL, U.S.A.)
Published on: March 10th, 2017

The Now Hairless Harrienyet

Preparing For Her Ear Drop Medication

She, like millions of her kind today, had been wandering the mean streets of America for a very long time – homeless, hungry, forlorn, and all alone.  And every time that I encounter one of her kind, my heart always breaks for them.

I managed to trap her with some enticing food, and I immediately took her to an animal hospital.  There, I very sadly learned that she was FIV Positive; that she had not been spayed; and that she had no microchip.  This poor little street orphan however did have a skin infection, an ear infection, a gum infection, and her once long and luxurious fur coat was now extremely filthy and matted beyond belief.

They had to shave her entire body at the animal hospital; give her a much needed bath; and also give her some much needed antibiotics.  My spouse and I are now giving her daily ear drops at home for her ear infection, and she will be returning to the animal hospital very soon for some much needed dental work and teeth cleaning.

And right now, I am calling this poor little street orphan ‘Harrienyet.’  ‘Nyet’ is the Russian word for ‘No.’ This poor little girl now very sadly has No Hair.  (I will probably change her name to ‘Harriet’ once her hair grows out again.)

She is also an older feline, far more frightened than feral, and I imagine that she once had a home somewhere, before she was very cruelly tossed out by someone or very callously left behind to fend for herself.

And even sadder to me, there are millions of homeless street orphans just like her wandering the mean streets of America right now.  And their extremely dire plight today will not change until we pass mandatory Pet Spay and Neuter Laws and mandatory Pet Microchip Laws.

Please Adopt, Don’t Shop, For Your Next Pet.  And Please Spay and Neuter and Microchip Your Own Pets.

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