2 Dogs From Diff. Homes Rescued in 60 Seconds

Published on: February 6th, 2017

There is never a dull moment around here is a understatement but I think I out did myself today.

There is 3 small dogs behind me that I have rescued a number of times but its the Poodle that is

the moms pride and joy. She actually keeps it on the porch so it will not take off and disappear.

Anyway it got out and was on the left side in the back of my mobile home. I carried him

to the front to put him on a cable and another neighbors German Shepherd dragging a red 20 foot

cable came running up as I was holding the Poodle in my right hand. I only had my left hand to

try and get him hooked up to another cable as he was growling at the Poodle. So now I have two

neighbors dogs hooked up. Tried calling the neighbor in the back but his phone is turned

off at this time for some reason. So I have the Poodle hooked up so when the family gets home

they will see him hooked up in my yard so they can get him. This happened by 10:30 a.m. and it

will be interesting to see if I make it thought the rest of the day. If anyone around the Long 

Beach California area rescues a injured Pigeon and needs advice or do not know where to take it

please contact me and I will help  - Birdman of Long Beach  - 214 - 2721545 -

animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - Please do not return Banded Racing Pigeons back to the racing

clubs. They only keep a few Pigeons with good blood lines for breeding.  When they are no longer

satisfied with a Pigeons performance they simply kill them with no remorse. Pigeons were War

Hero's and deserve more respect than that.




Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!