Pigeon Rescue & Contact Information

Published on: December 17th, 2016

I want to pass on some valuable information concerning Pigeons. My name is Dan Lubniewski and I am known as the Birdman of Long Beach. In 10 years I rescued and rehabilitated over 4,000 Pigeons off the street. I have not found anyone else in the world that dedicated 10 years to rescuing pigeons off the street so I will leave a legacy behind that I truly earned. Most people know nothing about Pigeons and bad mouth them because of so many lies that were spread around by pest control companies to sell products. Pigeons do not carry diseases to humans and they do not peck you hard enough to hurt you. They are listed as one of the smartest animals in the world. Pigeons were War Hero's and gave up there lives so you could enjoy the freedom you have now and they deserve so much more respect than they get. Please take the time to help them if you see they need help. Countless millions of Pigeons get their toes and feet tied with fishing line, string & human hair. It tightens on their toes and the circulation is cut off and they have to watch there toes fall off one at a time with no one to help them. I doctored and untied thousands of Pigeons giving them there life back pain free. And I will tell you there is no better feeling in the world than to take a animal living a life of torture and be able to give them their life back. If anyone runs across a pigeon with tied feet please contact me and I will take you through the steps to make it well again. I have even rescued hundreds of Pigeons that had both of their feet tied together and had to live like that and walk like that sometimes for a year or two believe it or not. They are such sweet animals and parents and deserve so much better. Another thing is a lot of Pigeons have bands around there legs. On most bands it has there I.D. number and the club that owns it. Please do not return the banded Racing Pigeons back to the racing clubs. Once the clubs are no longer satisfied with the Pigeons performance they kill them with no remorse at all. They only keep a few Pigeons with good blood lines as breeders. Around the Long Beach California area Pigeons can be dropped off at Long Beach Animal Hospital on Anaheim. They are a Wildlife Hospital. I also have a friend with Avaries with hundreds of permanently disabled pigeons who would most likely take a Pigeon off your hands. So contact me and I will give you his contact information if you want it. Since I moved to Texas three years ago I spend almost everyday rescuing animals in my area. Just two days ago I pulled a German Shepherd off of a Pitbull Mix in my driveway that came to eat. If I had not stopped it they both would have ended up in the hospital or dead. Still can't believe I pulled that off without getting bit. You would not know it to look at me but the VA has me listed as 100 % disabled since 2005. I am a U.S. Marine Corp Veteran. As of this coming month I will get  $1,075.00  a month from the VA on my disability pension with no help for food. I never ask anybody for anything. But if anyone wanted to help out in any way using my e-mail address of - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - for my Paypal Account it would truly be appreciated. I am spending at least $200.00 a month feeding so many animals daily in the neighborhood plus my pets and full grown Cats & Kittens under my mobile home and hundreds of birds in my driveway every day also. I have no idea how I do it but it has me a little worried. I also compiled a whole page of War Pigeons I would be more than glad to share if you contacted me and you could see what War Hero's they were. I also have a whole page compiled of most of the stories that were published on my rescue work if anybody would like to read about my years of dedicated rescue work. Here is my contact information - Danny - 214-2721545- animalrescuer131@yahoo.com

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