Incredible Week of Rescues, Birdman of Long Beach

Published on: December 5th, 2016

My neighbor has a Bloodhound and a Shepherd mix that I had already rescued a few times. I have been trying hard to fix the womans fence so her dogs do not get out. I worked on her fence 4 times the past week with wire and every time I secure one location they find another escape route. I also took a bunch of  2x8's  over there for her boyfriend to use to try to secure the bottom of the fence. I rescued her dogs five days in a row and got them back home safe. I devised a devious plan to carry cookies in my pocket in a small bag and it works like a charm. Instead of taking a hour to get them to come to me now with the cookies it only takes a few minutes. The three little dogs behind me have been getting out of their yard and I rescued all three of then the last four days in a row and got them home safe. I worked on his fence with wire and think I have the three places they found to get out fixed now. One of his dogs a Poodle attacked one of the kittens I feed under my mobile home. I was able to get him to let go of the kitten before he killed it thank goodness. So its really been a crazy week to say the least. His dogs are small and with so many big dogs running loose around here its just a matter of time before his little dogs get hurt or killed by the big dogs or maybe even ran over. If anyone around the Long Beach California area find a injured Pigeon please help it. They were War Hero's and deserve a lot more respect than they get. They can't peck you hard enough to hurt you and they do not carry diseases to humans. Pest Control companies spread lies for years to sell products. Long Beach Animal Hospital on Anaheim takes in Wildlife free of charge. I also have a friend with Aviaries with hundreds of permanently disabled pigeons that would probably take a pigeon off your hands. Contact me for his contact information. Also please do not return banded racing pigeons back to racing clubs. When they are no longer satisfied with the birds flying performance they kill it. They only keep a few with good blood lines for breeding and kill all the rest of the beautiful pigeons without any remorse - Danny - 214 - 2721545 -

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