Shepherd and Bloodhound Rescues

Published on: November 4th, 2016

This morning I was taking food out to feed the Cats under my mobile home and I could not believe my eyes. A Bloodhound was underneath the mobile home with very little room. At first I was afraid she was after the kittens until I seen all their food was gone. Anyway I rescued her and I had already rescued her on Nov.1st. and took her back home. I also seen the Shepherd mix running loose that she lives with and took him back home also. Today I really out did myself. I found about 3 different locations where the womans dogs could get out from their yard. So I went home and got wire and a cement block. I put a wedge in the ground behind the cement block so they could not get out from under the fence. I wired a spot pulling the fence up in one location where they could probably jump over. And I spent about a hour wiring the loose fence together in about 20 places where they tried squeezing through and could have gotton hung up and strangled easily. I hope my efforts to help the woman keeps her dogs from getting loose anymone. So its been a few pretty good days especially when we can save animals from harm.  I also gave her all the information to the best place to get the Bloodhound fixed. If you live around the Long Beach California area and find a injured pigeon please help it. Pigeons were War Hero's and gave up their lives so we can enjoy the freedom we have. Long Beach animal hospital on Anaheim takes in Pigeons and other injured Wildlife free of charge. Please do not return banded Racing Pigeons back to the racing clubs. They kill about 99 percent of the pigeons when they are no longer satisfied with their performance. They only keep a few with good blood lines for breeding. I also have a friend who has Aviaries with hundreds of permanently disabled pigeons that would probably take a pigeon off your hands. So please contact me for his contact information. Birdman of Long Beach - - 214 - 2721545 - also if you live in other areas please help any injured pigeons you see needing help. They can't peck you hard enough to hurt you. And they do not carry diseases to people. It is lies pest control companies have spread for years to sell products.

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