Pregnant Pitbull Rescue

Published on: January 1st, 2016

Twice this last week I rescued a pregnant black Pitbull and got her back home safe. I know a woman who does a lot of networking trying to get animals placed. She said she does not really consider it a rescue if it is just a dog running loose. Pardom me, before I got the Pitbull out of my yard on a leash to take her home I had to fight off a full grown young German Shepherd determined to get to her to fight I think. I also may have saved her from getting hit by a car or lost or stolen. So as far as I am concerned it was a great rescue especially after I kept the German Shepherd from attacking and hurting her. I also stopped a German Shepherd from killing a Poodle wearing a sweater that was running loose. The  German Shepherd was holding it down on its side when I chased him off with a stick and the Poodle ran off and I never seen it again. And about 1 hour ago I went next door to check on the Shepherds and feed them because the owner is out of food. And one of the Shepherds was all twisted around a bush in the yard with a long rope she had tied to him. I ended up pulling the bush out of the ground and tossed it. If he would have been stuck like that all night he could have ended up choking himself to death. So three hours before New Years I rescued him and that was the most perfect way to end 2015. Come to think about it I rescued the black Pitbull on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas day. I wonder what rescue is in store for me tomorrow on the 1st. day of the year and it will be interesting to find out. I have not posted my rescues in awhile so this was a nice way to end the year. I hope 2016 is great for all the rescuers that post your stories on here.

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