The Marine And The Drowning Fly

Published on: July 15th, 2015

Before you laugh me off the planet this was a cute little rescue story of one of Gods little creatures that is given very little mercy from humans. And it was my fault anyway that he was drowning because I left water in the kitchen sink. A few years back when I owned a 3 Bedroom Home in Temecula California I would take Bee's out of the swimming pool that looked like they were already dead for a long time. One day for some reason I cupped one in my hands and kept breathing warm air on it over and over and it was like I gave it life again because after awhile he started moving. Gosh, for a minute there I felt like God. So I would do that to other Bee's that looked dead and most of them would come back to life. So today I did the same thing to the drowning fly and he flapped his Wings after awhile and then he stopped and was motionless. So I took him out on the porch and laid him down and thought I would check later and see if he was still there. When I went out on the porch I lightly touched him and he flew off ( How Cool Was That ) at least to me being a man that will save the life of any of God's creatures I thought it was cool. I feel like all of God's creatures have as much right to life as we do. I mean who the heck do we think we are anyway. If anyone has a injured pigeon or just needs advice please contact me - Birdman of long beach - 214 - 2721545 -  

Will You Help Rescue Others? You'll LOVE Our Work! Before: scheduled for euthanasia at the pound. After: His new family has a huge backyard!