2 Poodles Rescued In San Bernadino California

Published on: July 9th, 2015

I think I have a million rescue stories at least it seems like. The first Poodle was running the streets for a long time going in and out of traffic scared of everything. His fur looked like he had been through a war and he looked so pitaful. I made it a quest to rescue him. Me and my Rottweiler Max looked for him everyday and he always ran from us. One day my Rottweiler started whining like a very concerned daddy to the little dog and the dog came up to him and I was able to grab him. By the condition of the way he looked I think he had been lost on the streets for a long time. I took him to a SPCA thrift shop I think it was where I knew the people working there. They put him in a carrier for me and called a animal control officer to pick him up. They told me after they bathed him and groomed him they were sure he was a purebred and then I got the rest of the good news. They scanned him and he had a microchip. Sorry to say I did not get a update after he was returned home hopefully. But rescuing that poor scared dog meant the world to me and Max got all the credit for earning his trust and coaxing him to come to him. The second Poodle was with some gang looking guys by the library and I could tell the Poodle was in a lot of pain. I talked one of the guys  into leaving the dog with me when they went inside. I sat behind a bush and must have pulled a hundred thorns out from all over his body and it was the most pitaful thing I ever seen. I don't know if the dog did it to himself or if somebody deliberately tortured him. I wanted so bad to take off with the dog before they came back. But I did not want them jumping me if they ran into me again in the neighborhood. So I tried hard to convince the guy that left him with me to please check him for thorns regurally and he said he would. I can't even imagine how much better he must have felt with all those thorns taken out. I do know I was probably his new best friend ( Ha Ha Ha ) Off hand I can remember three other good rescue stories from San Bernadino the few months I was there and I will write about them in my next story.

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