Marley rescued 7 yrs. ago crosses Rainbow Bridge

Published on: June 22nd, 2015

I am writing this in honor of the memory of my sweet little boy Marley. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge June 18, 2015 and I miss him so much. In Long Beach Ca. One of the locations that I fed cats at every night at a church. That was where me and Marley met and became the best of friends. Once at the church Marley got deathly sick and every night for about a week and a half he let me pick him up and shoot Batril Antibiotics into his throat never missing a day and he made a complete recovery. He was so greatful that I saved his life that every night when I was either going to the church or leaving it. Marley would walk down the middle of the street with us slapping at Babygirl my Pitbull trying to get her away from me ( It was so darn cute )  Then a few months later Marley showed up at my apartment door deathly sick again knowing that I would help him. This time I put him in a big cage and gave him Batril Antibiotics for about 1 1/2 weeks and once again he made a complete recovery. So once he was well I did not just kick him out. When he went and stood by the front security door I would let him out and he always came back. I guess the day came that he felt so happy , safe and secure that he stopped going to the door and never wanted out again and it was  his choice. He was a joy and he loved me dearly. Almost every night and this I will miss the most. He would get on my chest a couple times a night and love bite the tip of my nose and my chin and then he would hug the left side and then the right side of my face.  I would wake up laughing with the tip of my nose in his teeth but he never hurt me and it was his way of saying he really loved and adored me. I would not have given up one of those beautiful moments for a million dollars. Since Marley responded so well to the Antibiotics the first two times when he showed signs of not feeling well this time I was hoping for a miracle. But it was just a matter of days when he showed signs of not feeling well and died and I believe it might have been old age. I was hugging him and kissing him and talking about our wonderful life together when he died in my arms. I am so happy he was able cross the Rainbow Bridge as I was loving on him instead of a moment when he was all alone.  All I can say is Thank you to God for giving us those wonderful seven years together and to be left with so many precious memories.  RIP my wonderful son and you will never be forgotton. 

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