Bird fighting with a 4 Inch Crawfish in driveway

Published on: May 17th, 2015

I  have had some pretty strange rescues in my life but this rescue might be hard to top. I put lots of bird seed in my driveway every day for the many flocks of birds coming here. I love watching baby birds flapping their wings begging mommy for food. I looked out the kitchen window and a bird was in the driveway fighting with something that resembled a Praying Mantis but much bigger. I watched for a few minutes trying to figure  out what it was that I was seeing. I thought maybe it was a little branch he wanted for a nest. Anyway I went out to investigate and I was very amazed that the bird and the Crawfish had a stand off together. So here I am in Dallas Tx. miles from any lake with a 4 Inch Crawfish in my bathtub. I do not think many people have rescued a Crawfish from a bird and it is pretty funny. We have had record amounts of rain and somehow the Crawfish ended up in my driveway. When I lived in Long Beach California. Basically you do not see Roosters in Long Beach. I lived in a 8 Unit gated apartment complex with a Pit Bull named Babygirl. A small dog named Angel and a few cats. I had a metal security door that had little holes in the metal. Well one day a Rooster comes right to my apartment door and he is looking in through the small holes in the door. Why that Rooster would not leave my door with Cats & Dogs inside was beyond me. So I went out and easily rescued him and turned him over to a guy named Bob Ward of Wards Birds that had lots of animals that he rescued and helped. I always thought my Guardian Angel directed that Rooster to my door because I would gladly help him. A neighbor Spanish Girl a couple apartments down from me lied to me and said that the Rooster was hers and I know she wanted to get her hands on  him and have him for dinner so he was a very lucky bird to end up in my care. If anyone has a injured pigeon or needs advice please contact me - Birdman of long beach - - 214 - 2721545 - if anyone wants to contribute to my rescue work you can do so by using my e-mail address at Paypal. 

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