King Of Icarii to the rescue - Shepherd vs Husky

Published on: April 12th, 2015

I have a beautiful Angel of a friend in Australia that protects and loves animals as much as I do named Sarah Hughes. And because of my 10 years of Pigeon rescue she calls me the King Of Icarii which I consider a compliment. I believe in Karma and the law of averages and so far my Guardian Angel has protected me from harm. But one of these times I jump in the middle of big dogs fighting they are not going to let me get away with interfering. I have rescued the Husky/Shepherd mix twice recently when he was dragging a broken chain. And I have saved the German  Shepherds life a few times when he jumped off his porch and was being choked on his cable and also when a big Rottweiler attacked him. The problem is all the dogs in the area come to my home that are hungry and thirsty. Then they start to feel like my yard is their territory and they start feeling like it is their turf to protect and they start chasing other dogs off that come here to eat and drink and to visit with me. It's a mess and it's really hard on me because I love them all equally. Today the German Shepherd was here first. Then the Shepherd /Husky mix showed up and ran up to me for a rub. The Husky/Shepherd mix is bigger than the Shepherd and stands face to face with me standing on his back legs. But he is so gentle and he has no desire to fight. Well I had already fed the Shepherd so it was not about food. I believe he got insanely Jealous when I was rubbing the Shepherd/Husky mix and took off chasing him and attacked him. I ran down the street and got between them and yelled at the Shepherd and sent him home. Well he is back already so I guess I did not shame him that much ( BRAT ) I guess it's a dirty job and somebody has to do it and I was elected. If anyone needs help with a injured Pigeon and I do have Antibiotics for infection or if you need advice contact me - Birdman of long beach - Dan Lubniewski - - 214 - 2721545 -  If anyone wants to give a donation to help with my rescue work use my e-mail address on Paypal.

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