Husky/Shepherd Mix Rescued Two Days In A Row

Published on: April 4th, 2015

Since I moved here July 9,2013 the dogs and the cats in the neighborhood know they can always find food and cold water at my home  24/7.  Wednesday a very big Husky/Shepherd mix showed up in my driveway dragging a broken chain. He let me befriend him and I was able to get the broken chain off of his neck and feed him. Then on Thursday he shows up again with another broken chain he was dragging. So he allowed me to get that chain off of him and feed him. Then he decided he liked me so much he stood up in front of me trying to keep me from going on the porch. He was so big that he was face to face with me when he was standing on his back legs. I have a dog named Bruno that is about  35 - 40 lbs. and he snapped his 20 feet Cable one day and he got it tangled under my Mobile Home and he was stuck there. So by getting the chain off him that he was dragging  both days could have saved him from getting stuck somewhere. So today he showed up again for the third day in a row but at least he was not dragging a chain this time. It breaks my heart to see so many dogs in my area being taken care of so poorly. If anyone needs help with a injured pigeon or just advice please contact me - 214 - 2721545 - Dan Lubniewski - Birdman of long beach -

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