Pigeons With Guardian Angels

Published on: March 22nd, 2015

Birdman of long beach - animalrescuer131@yahoo.com - 214 - 2721545 - if anyone needs help with or advice about a injured pigeon please contact me. With over 4,000 pigeon rescues in 10 years I have lots of stories to share. I had my pigeon rehab. center in a fenced in area in Long Beach Ca. for 3 years. Hundreds of pigeons came to my area daily for food and to take a bath. One day I could not believe my eyes. There was a pigeon in my field running around with hundreds of other pigeons with a yellow tipped blow dart through it's eye and head. I ask God to let me sucessfully rescue him and I did. When I cut the blow dart in half to pull it out he could have died instantly but he did not. With infection he had in his system the only reason he made a total recovery was because I had Batril Antibiotics to give him every 12 hours. Another incredible rescue that beat the odds of winning the mega lottery was that anyone would find this pigeon that was trapped before he died. There was a Bank of America parking lot that I went to regurally to look for injured pigeons. There was a ledge next to the parking lot about 12 inches high. When pigeons had a hurt wing or leg they would stand on this ledge. There was a billboard above the ledge about half the size of a normal billboard that pigeons would stand on. It was also lower than most billboards. I looked up and noticed a pigeon fell behind it and it was wedged in. I thought for sure he had to be dead. I kept looking at him and seen a flinch and could not believe he was alive. Miraculously I walked over to the parking lot by a liquor store a few doors away and there was a 2x4 just laying there. Whats the chance huh. I know this pigeon had a Guardian Angel ( really, a 2x4 just laying there ) Anyway I was able to wedge the 2x4 behind the billboard and loosen it enough for the pigeon to fly away and land on a post. Another day I was riding by the same parking lot by the liquor store on the bus where the 2x4 was laying. I had just picked up binoculars at Goodwill 30 minutes before. Pigeons would stand in the corner in the back of the liguor store when they were hurt. I had rescued quite a few pigeons there. Anyway I looked over real quick with the binoculars when the bus stopped and sure enough two pigeons were standing in the corner grounded so I jumped off the bus and rescued them. I always carried my rescue net about the size of a tennis racket with me. If anyone cares to donate to my rescue work you can do so by using my e-mail address on Paypal.

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